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I think and I am sure, that the heart of people, the emotional heart is very not-nurtured in these times. In fact there is a major disconnection with our Heart. It is in the chest area where, according to Ayurveda, our Soul resides, it is the seat of the Soul. In fact, one good way to tap into our intuition is to feel that area, feel the presence of our Soul there. 

We have been taught to be so hard on ourselves and also society has taught us to judge and blame so much, ourselves and others, that automatically our heart chakra (4th chakra in the yogic system, called heart chakra in the Pranic Healing System) closes up quickly. 

Also we have this concept of struggling through life, which over activates our solar plexus chakra (3rd chakra) which is inversely proportional to the heart chakra, in other words, the bigger the solar plexus chakra, the smaller the heart chakra. 

(in the picture, Urban Retreat in London, practice of Yoga Nidra) 

Devotion is the greatest form of wealth. Devotion is a combination of Faith and Unconditional Love. Devotion is like loving your parents so much and trusting them infinitely that they are taking care of you. 

Forgiveness heals the wounds of the heart. Otherwise we become like a garbage truck and the load will become unbearable. 

We experience pain because we cling to the past. Like feeling sad for a lottery price that was not won. Living in a past is like scratching a wound from all sides. 

A baby might not look like he will walk.  But at some point he will walk. Infinite patience achieves immediate results of peace. Practice relaxation and from there learn to dwell in patience. 


The spiritual path is a path into the subtle energies of creation.  

His Holiness Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, director of the Worldwide Art of Living Foundation talks about being connected and what he is referring to in this statement is to become more refined in the perception of the subtle energy. 

Shaman Taita Juanito also refers to the subtlety of the energy and the refinement in the attunement with it. 

Traveling through India, I visited several Ashrams or monasteries, where Gurus had lived or still live.  As I arrived the ashram it was very interesting that at the beginning running in with the energy of the same was difficult, too many people, protocols, and the culture of the Ashram itself, but once I had gotten acquainted with that, then I was able to tune in to the subtleness of the energy of the prayer, rituals and the saints. 

The past is gone. Stop dwelling in the past. Stop torturing yourself with the past. Stop putting blame on you for what happened in the past. 

Blame is serious energy. It blocks the heart, the desire to live, the capacity to love, self respect, self compassion, self esteem. 

The past is over. What is it useful for then? As a lesson. Make an inventory of the experience lived. See how it helped you understand yourself. If you screwed it up then first do your very best to forgive yourself as deep as possible, then forgive others and ask for forgiveness as well. 

All this can be done spiritually, in meditation, in deep silent prayer. If need to talk to someone do it with deep reverence and without expecting anything whatsoever back. 

I traveled India for 4 months. Studying yoga, meditation, Ayurveda as well as continuing my path with the Sacred Medicine from the Amazons. Yes I have been using it while I am in India for clarity and to understand. I might be one the only persons on this planet going in ceremony while living in Ashrams. Right after India I went on a month retreat with the Shamans in the Amazons. 

I have understood something very amazing and that is that no matter how much I do what I do, how much I study, how much dedication I put on my path and my business, it is clear, very clear that the design at the end is Divine and it is Spirit the one that will determine where I go and what I do. 

There is a saying, if you wish to make God laugh, tell him your plans. I have felt God laughing at me so many times. And this time is not the exception. 

How deep can you Relax?

Meditation and Relaxation are of upmost importance in life!

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