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I traveled India for 4 months. Studying yoga, meditation, Ayurveda as well as continuing my path with the Sacred Medicine from the Amazons. Yes I have been using it while I am in India for clarity and to understand. I might be one the only persons on this planet going in ceremony while living in Ashrams. Right after India I went on a month retreat with the Shamans in the Amazons. 

I have understood something very amazing and that is that no matter how much I do what I do, how much I study, how much dedication I put on my path and my business, it is clear, very clear that the design at the end is Divine and it is Spirit the one that will determine where I go and what I do. 

There is a saying, if you wish to make God laugh, tell him your plans. I have felt God laughing at me so many times. And this time is not the exception. 

That is the way in which Spirit keeps telling me to surrender deeply, to just be, to just accept what is. I keep telling Life and Spirit that I wish something, I do that with my actions and with my thoughts, but is so clear that at the very end, what will happen will just be what Spirit has designed for me. 

Following Spiritual paths like Shamanism, Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda somehow forcefully makes me go deeper into acceptance. In fact the path with the Shamans and the Medicine is the strongest one, clearer and more demanding. Although the other paths present themselves also in physical challenges (yoga), excess of thinking (meditation) and lack of health (Ayurveda). 

But it is the same for all of us humans. In fact The Upanishads, very sacred texts from India where one can find the explanation to spiritual paths and the mysteries life, says: The origin of suffering is Desire.  But what is desire in this context and how does it relate to surrendering and acceptance?

Desire is wanting, being in a state of lack or not accepting what is at this one second. Desire is not related to having wishes for one's life. This one desire they refer to is full of attachment. 

I guarantee you that if you analyze deeper at this moment, if you just observe, you will find desire, non acceptance, attachment behind and as the sources of all your suffering.  In fact it is said in the Upanishads that INSTANT relief of suffering happens at the moment we surrender desire and attachment. Try it!, I dare you!

So, my traveling in India has put me in a state in which I must accept everything. It does not mean I do not care for things, I just detach to the end result of the Action, I keep doing and enjoying life very much, but with a different perspective, now it doesn't matter what happens, all is good, I leave it in God's hand.

The key is to just relax.  Acceptance is relaxation. If you feel you are struggling with life, I suggest to relax deeply to the point to which you reach stillness and silence, if you don't know how to do this, then take the Mindfulness and Meditation Course that I put together.  This is one of the most important things you need to do daily. You can also join me in my retreats and learn this first hand from me. 

Many blessings to your path always, 

Leo Cordero
Ayurvedic Shamanic Healer
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Health & Life Counselor

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