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I have been walking the path to understand and fix life with dedication, for about 15 years and I remember starting searching for explanations, visiting many different churches and religions about 30 years ago. 

During all these time, I have dedicated myself to study plenty of different healing arts. Always in the search of my own self healing and alleviation of my inner dilemas and traumas. I was very tired of all the fear, anger, frustration, suffering and the lack of understanding on how to deal with life.  I was searching for answers, real answers. 

These questions kept arising because I had followed "the book", as I had been told, studied in college, but hated it; worked, but never found a real passion; love life was satisfactory, but needed to understand in a deeper way how it was suppose to be according to the reality of our humanity; exercise, which one was the best one after trying sports of all kinds, practices, gyms, etc; the mind, what was it about?, how to calm it?; emotions, why did I have them? 

In others words I had a very deep craving for answers to easy questions that you might be asking yourself about as well.  

I got to some point, where after already being practicing advanced healing arts and self maintenance techniques, such as yoga and strong meditation, I was still feeling very stagnant and without answers.  I just couldn't understand why, after all the time dedicated to self healing, I was still stuck and feeling very overwhelmed with life. 

I guess it is true that when you ask, somehow you receive an answer. So about 6 years ago I had my first experience with the medicine and about 4 years ago, I met this Shaman. 31 years old, and already a Shaman, when normally they become shamans around 50-60, after being honored by their people and having proven themselves with their community.  Taita (Shaman) Juanito, had become a Shaman at age 16.  This was the very first time that I met a full-on healer.  And when I mean full-on is seriously fully equipped, ultra, super healer.  He had many necklaces and feathers on his head.  I was just shocked at the beauty of all his ornaments.  Later I understood that they were all part of the healing power, calling and bringing forth the energies of Mother Earth and the Universe for the persons that would sit in Sacred Ceremony with him.

A Shaman is the channel through which all those forces travel, but only if he knows how to call them and that is the secret to Shamanism and that is why it is thousands of years old and in reality is the very essence of Humans since the beginning.  Shamanism is learning to hold sacred ceremony in every aspect of life as well as making unconditional love the religion and the church Mother nature, Mother Earth and Father Sky.

The way they call is through sacred chanting, which is given by Divine Spirit based only on the level of consciousness of the Shaman, his level of integrity with the Universal Divine Laws.  Somehow is like downloaded, it is revealed, they just come to the awareness of the chants, somehow like Neo in the Matrix.  So their level of Inner Work and dedication has to be ultimate, in order to learn from Nature itself how to become a channel of all the forces of the Universe.

Added to the ceremonies they use the ultimate plant medicine, Ayahuasca or Yagé, as it is called solely in Colombia. Ayahuasca is the strongest medicine in the Amazon basin.  Ayahuasca is considered the Grandmother Plant in the Planet.  Ayahuasca or Yagé, is a purgative and it is a mixture of two plants, the vine of Ayahuasca and Chagro (sometimes Chakruna), this is the correct mixture, one has an amazing intelligence and the other is charged with DMT (Dimethyltryptamine), the molecule of Spirit as it is called by scientistss, what we are made off.   They have found wooden containers in the Amazon Basin, and after testing with carbon 14, they realize the substance in it ayahuasca and is dated back 4500 years ago. 

Once prepared, this beverage becomes a strong purgative that takes the individual to unbelievable places within his or her consciousness and understanding of reality.  Is the ultimate cleanser to the body, the mind, the emotions and the soul, but with a correct Taita. Without the Taita the advancement is minimum and confusion may arise, as well as some danger and bad experiences.  With the Taita there is complete understanding and when following the guidelines it is completely safe.

Taita Laureano is Taita Juanito´s direct teacher for about 15 years, he comes from the Sionas Culture in Colombia, there are several cultures that work with Yagé in Colombia, some are stronger than others in the healing capacity and knowledge of the Medicine or Remedy, as Yagé is called locally.  The Sionas and the Cofanes are the two strongest, strictest, and where the most powerful healers come from.  The Grandfather is the eldest in the Sionas and just a few Shamans study with him due to what he calls “I like to work Yagé, the correct way only.  Taita Laureano is 109 years old and he is the eldest of all the Shamans in Colombia as well. 

Working with Yagé, somehow is like getting a software update. It is very interesting how, through the purgation little by little one starts loosing or shedding off the fears and the different strong emotions that have been characteristic of the personality, leaving a more truthful human being a more natural person, it is like if all the masks fall off. 

It was during ceremonies with the Grandfather and Taita Juanito that I was able to clear a pain in my lower back and hip that had been bothering me for about 18 years.  But that is not just that. I have healed deep-seated fears that I really didn´t even knew of.  I was shown, I understood where they came from and they got completely erradicated of my life once and for all.  Yagé produces a vomit and a diarreah, and it is in this way that the physical body clears the mental, emotional and spiritual imbalance or disturbance.  The Taitas are able to read your energy and they little by little go cleansing you.  Taita Juanito says that they are able to see the person as a clear crystal with stains inside and outside, each meaning fears, problems, patterns of thought, dysfunctional relationships, ego, arrogance, depression, anxiety, physical problems (but they can see the mental projection), etc, and then they start cleaning from the inside out.

Yagé has transformed my life radically.  Yagé has brought and keeps bringing deeper understanding and clarity. I can tell you without any doubts, based fully on a very wide experience, that Yagé and these Taitas are most probably one of the very best healing technique out there.  I have seen my partner, my children change radically, growing into more compassionate and strong humans.  Yagé makes you smooth and deeply caring for others and yourself as well strong and powerful.  This strength arises out of the lack of thoughts and erratic emotions due to the cleansing of internal issues. Somehow it is like everything gets resolved internally, complete understanding of the issues brings peace and a desire to live life to the very most possible.

I never thought there could be such an internal healing possible.  I have achieved more healing in 4 years with Yagé, than in the rest of my life.  Yagé makes humans, real humans.  It shows the person his or her humanity, what it means to be a human being in that one particular body and incarnation of each individual.  So it also brings about the qualities of each individual, the artist for this life.  Taita Juanito says that it makes the human an artist, that Yagé is about Art, the Art of being a human/creator/Divine Being.  It aligns the person with Nature, Mother Earth and Father Sky and all that has been created in existence, it is through this alignment that we heal, so the misalignments with Nature (we are beings of Nature) are like the stains and we produce them with just living the way we normally live.

Yagé can be hard at times, basically because and depending on the level of imbalance the person brings to work with.  But the Taitas know how to work with every case, they have seen it all.  They have other sacred plants and tools that work alongside with the Culture of Yagé.  One of them is music, because since Yagé is Art it loves music.  When the person drinks Yagé a drunkness arises. It is during this drunkness that we get more and more aligned with nature.  It is during this drunkness that the Chants come and that the possible Visions come.  And it is at this moment that the music becomes a healing tool.  It was during the ceremonies with the Grandfather and Taita Juanito that I experienced that power of experienced Yagé Musicians.  These are some of the very best experiences I have had in my life.  Probably the best.

The Visions in Yagé are real, they are not halucinations, they are an expanded level of consciousness, always guided by the Taita and Divine Spirit.  The visions come in many ways, sometimes in the body as physical sensations, sometimes as deep clear insights of life, sometimes as visual visions in the physical plane or the astral plane.  Sometimes they don´t come, but those are important moments when our soul is being cleansed far away, building for this life, Taita says.   Yagé is a wonderful experience of healing, self healing, it is not a vision quester medicine.  Some people come to it wanting to see, to experience a high, but that is not the way of Yagé, at least not the one of these Taitas, what they wish for you and bring for you is change, strength, peace, joy and clarity in your life.

I have been coming to Colombia to join the Shamans, the Grandfather and the amazing healers for the past 3 years consistently, we organize retreats 2-3 times a year at, where people from all over the world can come and experience the real Colombian Yagé and the Shamans. Taita Juanito also comes regularly to Costa Rica and we tour around for a month or so giving Medicine and Ceremonies. This path is so amazing and powerful, so transformational.  Highly recommended.

I have been the translator for Taita for hundreds of people and I keep hearing how the medicine is helping all of them, they all come with similar situations, with similar inner questions and situations.  The medicine always works for them. That is why people keep coming, over and over, to the retreats in Colombia, to the ceremonies in Costa Rica.  Sometimes they work for a year or two and then they take a break, others work for longer or shorter periods of time and then they go rest, but they always come back at some point after having integrated the work done.

This medicine and the beautiful Taitas are amazing, they do work and bring healing to humans and the world. 

Many blessings always to your lives,

Leonardo Cordero
Ayurvedic Shamanic Healer
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Health & Life Coach

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