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Do not forsake your soul for the ways in which others choose to not show up for themselves. Do not postpone your destiny......Never stop becoming more….
Your path is your path, period.  Other people’s paths are their path. Walk your path and honor it strongly and deeply. 
Honor your talents, honor your desires, honor your body.  If you stop doing it because the ones around you are deciding not to do so, all you are doing is stoping your growth, and growth is happiness, better relationships, more prosperity, better health, better sexual life, in general well being. 
Honor your path and your life.  Make your dreams come true.  You at the very end are walking for yourself, but at some point, you will walk for others, but first walk for yourself and with yourself. 
In your deep silence you will be able to see what your truth is, what is yours and what isn’t.  If you fail in recognizing it is completely fine, but at least do your best to see it, have the intention to see it.  In fact make this a desire, make this a habit.  The habit of honoring your path. 
Saying no is a way in which many times you honor yourself. But the silence is important. Reach this inner silence again and again through the inner practices like yoga, mediation, chanting, tai chi, qigong, pranayama and prayer. Walking in nature, singing, painting, art, etc are forms in which you can also reach your inner silence. 
Honor your body and your mind.  Watch what you allow to come in these two. Don’t just follow the masses, follow your heart.  Have the desire of eating well, have the desire of thinking nicely, have the desire of being a better you, the best version of yourself. 
If others don’t have such a drive and if one follows them just because they are “the friends” or “the family”, one might just be postponing joy and peace. And that is priceless and only achieved by the individual.  Joy and peace cannot be given to anybody, they can only be achieved by each person in their own inner work. 
As one of friends and teacher, Shaman Lucho says, the best state is not to be in love is to be in total tranquility, calmness and equanimity. 
God bless you much always, 
Leo Cordero
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