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Success in life can be increased, as well as joy with just developing a particular attitude or awareness, the awareness of learning. 
This means that whatever you are living is a learning experience. For this purpose, Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation can help.  This one posture is a hard one for me and keeps reminding me that learning is a constant and that I cannot give anything for granted.  
Let’s say you develop a rash on your skin, Ayurveda teaches that excess of heat is a Pitta imbalance in your body and then immediately the opportunity to learn what that means in your own body's laboratory arises and the need for you to start adjusting accordingly. 
Let’s say you feel anxious, then you start observing why, maybe you travelled too much, overworked on the computer and increased Vata (movement), so you do some yoga postures and some meditation and then it calms down, next time you will be more aware of the excessive movement. 
Let’s say your digestion is sluggish (Kapha), bloated, constipated (both Vata), then analyze what you have eaten and check if it works with you or not, then change it and start understanding what works for you and what not. Always learning, never procrastinating the opportunity...
The attitude of constant learning is extremely important and brings awareness making life more interesting. 
When you meet people, always relax, deeply relax and be quite, you will then be able to see your fears arising. Remember to practice meditation to learn to relax. As the fears arise then you start learning about yourself. Keep relaxing into everything and then the fears start going away. Learn.
Learn that you are learning, that life is just an experience to be here observing, having fun, experiencing.  It is all good, nothing is wrong.  
The attitude of learning brings another blessing, the lack of judgement. Instead it develops a present moment awareness, you are paying attention to what is going on in each second of existence.  And when you are not paying attention then you notice and it becomes easier to change it. 
With the attitude of learning comes the observation of the opportunity.  Every second, every moment, every situation, every experience, every thing you live has an opportunity hidden, sometimes is very obvious, sometimes takes a little bit more dedication to find it, but it is there. 
One time, in the midst of a very dark (difficult) time in my life, one teacher / clairvoyant told me that one of the reasons why things kept flowing nicely for me, was that I kept finding the opportunity regardless of what was going on.  
This one attitude creates gratitude.  Things keep happening, shit keeps happening, but it is like even shit is fine.  What can I learn from shit?, the smell, the consistency, why is it smelling like that?, etc.  Get the point?
Another thing that develops alongside with the attitude of learning and finding the opportunity is that you stop blaming (judging) and you start taking responsibility for your life. And then and only then and only then is when you will start really making progress internally and externally and change will happen the way you wish it to happen. 
Keep up with life.  Let us all keep learning, let us all keep finding the opportunity in each moment to grow, to love, to enjoy, to live life, let's just develop gratitude for this one second we are breathing. 


God bless you much, blessings to your life. Seriously, I wish you the best always. 
Leo Cordero
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