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The spiritual path is a path into the subtle energies of creation.  

His Holiness Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, director of the Worldwide Art of Living Foundation talks about being connected and what he is referring to in this statement is to become more refined in the perception of the subtle energy. 

Shaman Taita Juanito also refers to the subtlety of the energy and the refinement in the attunement with it. 

Traveling through India, I visited several Ashrams or monasteries, where Gurus had lived or still live.  As I arrived the ashram it was very interesting that at the beginning running in with the energy of the same was difficult, too many people, protocols, and the culture of the Ashram itself, but once I had gotten acquainted with that, then I was able to tune in to the subtleness of the energy of the prayer, rituals and the saints. 

It happened in every single place I went. Mcleod Gang, where Dalai Lama lives, Amritsar and the Golden Temple (the largest amount of Sikhs live there and the temple itself is a huge adoration and pilgrimage place), Varanasi (where they do the cremation next to the Ganges river), Rishikesh and the Ganges River, Amma Ji’s (the Mother) Ashram, Swami Papa Ram Das Ashram, Babhagavan Nityananda Ashram, Krishna Temple in Udupi (huge temple about 2000 years old), Sri Sri Gurudev Ravishankarji Ashram and Ramana Maharshi Ashram. 

I share this list with you, so we can understand that the Divine energy is all the same everywhere.  What changes are the rituals and the symbols, but the energy we are all searching for is there for all of us, we just need to tune in to the subtleness. 

I have also experienced that same energy in the jungles and beaches in Costa Rica and other very untouched natural places. 

It just takes time and dedication. It is exactly the same with everything. When a person first visits Facebook, they don’t know how to sign up, what to do with the wall, with the events and with all the multiple features the application offers, but eventually the person becomes very skillful with it as it is used. 

When one goes to the first yoga class ever, it is daunting and scary, it hurts and one can easily get very distracted or bored, because of the difficulty of the practice, but as one continues with it, then one starts discovering the subtleness of the body, the connection of the breath, the stretch, the mind chatter and infinite awareness. 

When one meditates for the first time, basically what one notices is all the turbulence internally. 

Spiritualy is not difficult. Is actually very easy. What is difficult is the letting go of the things that you are already willing or desring to let go. That is the only part, but the rest is normal for a human and the humanity. 

Sharing, compassion, being truthful, sincerity, focused attention, keeping up with time, cleanliness, staying away from all addictions are all expressions of a spiritual life. They all reduce the amount of thoughts and make the practices deeper. 

Depending on how flooded one’s mind is in thoughts Meditation can actually be somehow “painful” for the beginner, because of the awareness that arises over the excess of thoughts, but, as the person continues, then more and more the person goes deeper and deeper and starts “swimming” in consciousness. 

Reading the pulse, one of Ayurveda’s and Traditional Chinese Medicine ways of diagnosis is another practice that requires hours and hours and years of training and practice to dive into the subtle.  A good pulse reader can tell everything to the person he is reading to pulse to. Entire health can be observed in it. Experts can even tell about things that happened to the body decades ago.  Is very impressive, this is another example of how the subtleness operates. 

In the world of the Plant Medicines, like Ayahuasca or Peyote or so, the training a student undergoes with the Teachers is similar, is just an alignment with the subtlest energies of consciousness, is something that takes time and a lot of dedication. It is there for everybody, but it takes time and practice, participation, dedication and relaxation (that is another word I like to use for faith). 

A gardener would experience the same in his or her relationship with the plants and the way they grow and behave to light, water and seasons and actually to the way plants live, grow and exist. 

Martial Arts are the same, playing a musical instrument is the same. 

What we are doing is going deeper into the subtle energies of existence, that is where God and the Divine is. 

Many people stay their entire lives searching on the external and they never quite themselves enough to go deep into the silence of consciousness where everything they are looking for is. 

Religions have this subtle aspect also, but they can lack the aspect of the personal practice that creates the silence. Without the inner silencing there is no way to access the stillness of consciousness and to access the subtle energy.  

That is why Meditation is the one practice that is absolutely essential to all humans. No matter what they practice, yoga, qigong, tai chi, martial arts, music, shamanism or religion, meditation will increase the awareness to the subtle aspect of existence. It is essential. 

Many blessings to your life and all the very best, 

Leo Cordero

Shamanic Ayurvedic Healer
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Health & Life Counselor

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