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(in the picture, Urban Retreat in London, practice of Yoga Nidra) 

Devotion is the greatest form of wealth. Devotion is a combination of Faith and Unconditional Love. Devotion is like loving your parents so much and trusting them infinitely that they are taking care of you. 

Forgiveness heals the wounds of the heart. Otherwise we become like a garbage truck and the load will become unbearable. 

We experience pain because we cling to the past. Like feeling sad for a lottery price that was not won. Living in a past is like scratching a wound from all sides. 

A baby might not look like he will walk.  But at some point he will walk. Infinite patience achieves immediate results of peace. Practice relaxation and from there learn to dwell in patience. 

The mind is the issue. In reality is just the mind. Practices of relaxation create  

Two youngsters were sitting in a garden close to a rose garden. One imagined how nice it would be to give one rose to his girlfriend and felt love. The other one was thinking that he had given many roses to his ex girlfriend  and she had left him and he got angry. At the end is not the rose is just the mind relating to the experiences. If we learn to just be with what is and not what was, then we achieve a great change in life. 

Remove the clinging to the "I am" mind. 

What are you suffering about?  What are you desiring?  Go deep in the desire and detach, let go the control. There's the peace. Infinite calmness and peace comes from first understanding what you are clinging to and what you are desiring to change from the present moment, and then releasing and letting it go. 

God bless you much always, 

Leo Cordero 

How deep can you Relax?

Meditation and Relaxation are of upmost importance in life!

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