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I think and I am sure, that the heart of people, the emotional heart is very not-nurtured in these times. In fact there is a major disconnection with our Heart. It is in the chest area where, according to Ayurveda, our Soul resides, it is the seat of the Soul. In fact, one good way to tap into our intuition is to feel that area, feel the presence of our Soul there. 

We have been taught to be so hard on ourselves and also society has taught us to judge and blame so much, ourselves and others, that automatically our heart chakra (4th chakra in the yogic system, called heart chakra in the Pranic Healing System) closes up quickly. 

Also we have this concept of struggling through life, which over activates our solar plexus chakra (3rd chakra) which is inversely proportional to the heart chakra, in other words, the bigger the solar plexus chakra, the smaller the heart chakra. 

As our heart chakras become smaller, it is easier for us to hold on to ideas and concepts of low self esteem, guilt, blame, sorrow, depression, sadness and much more and they accumulate energetically in the back heart chakra, or upper middle back, right behind your chest. These ideas are keeping the front heart chakra small and this at the same time keeps or solar plexus chakra bigger. 

When solar plexus chakra is large, then other situations arise, such as arrogance, lack of humility, desire to overpower others, struggle, anger, competition and similar emotions or behaviors. 

Putting this into perspective and seeing it as an epidemic, it is of high importance for us humans to deal with this as soon as possible.  We cannot afford a second longer with our hearts so wounded. 

The hearts are soooooo wounded that people are searching outside for any kind of “love” or sense of warmth to their hearts, whatsoever. 

The inner child can also be related to the heart chakra and in many cases the wounds of the inner child developed into serious issues as adults. The inner child wounds are those traumas and fears that affected the perception that we had as children, when we were told No many times, when we were seriously disappointed or betrayed by loved ones. 

What can we do, would be the question to ask?

  • First: start observing to find those situations that make your inner heart close and have a strong desire to move out of them and make sure you do not wish to maintain this wound as way of living, but instead as what it is (it is wound and that's it) and having the strong deep desire to get it healed.  It must be healed. 
  • Second: start praying as soon as possible for deep forgiveness, a simple prayer would be: Divine Spirit please bring all energy of forgiveness to every molecule of my existence, to my genealogy (back and forth), to my mind and my heart, so I forgive myself for absolutely everything I have done to myself and to others in this and all lifetimes and in all levels of consciousness and all dimensions.  Please allow these energies of Divine forgiveness to flow, so all beings forgive me and I forgive all beings. So it is, so it is, so it is.  FORGIVE ONCE AND FOR ALL, LET IT ALL GO!
    Prayer is very, very, very important. Do not stop doing this prayer, keep up as much as possible.
    You could also practice Hoponopono’o, which is a simple prayer that says: I love you, I forgive you, I am sorry, Thank you.  This activates a direct conversation to the inner child in you and liberates you. The results are wonderful. Use it when you see the mirror in someone that is hard on you. What I mean here is that we meet people that are more intense than others in our lives, the ones that are more intense in our lives are really just showing this harshness in ourselves, when we use the Hoponopono'o prayer, it releases them and you. It works, do not underestimate this please. 
  • Third: When you feel the pressure in your heart chakra, do your very best to relax deeply and just observe, allow and as you relax, let go. See what thoughts are associated to the sensations in your body. 
  • Fourth: practice contentment. Santosha in Sanskrit language, this is a yogic practice in which only contentment is promoted as a way of living, regardless of what is going on. Only contentment, make it your prayer, make it your goal, make it your breath, study it, analyze it and just make it your most important task.  If it is in an ancient science and is in ancient scriptures then is for a reason. Santosha can be a difficult concept to wrap your head around, particularly if your personal story is filled with negative thoughts. The Sanskrit word is divided into two parts: sam, meaning completely or entirely, and tosha, meaning acceptance, satisfaction, and contentment.
  • Fifth: meditate, do yoga, go to nature, spend time in silence, eat well and do your very best to experience as much joy as possible always. 
  • Sixth: Realize once and for all that life is very short and that at any minute it could end, any second it could happen, then based on that realization, let go of guilt and blame and sorrow and lack of respect and lack of compassion to yourself as a strong decision. 
  • Seventh: Be very compassionate with yourself and with others. Take it easy. Walk slower in life. 
  • Eight: smile and smile and smile and keep smiling.  The act of smiling opens the heart chakra. Avoid at all costs frowning, change your face and smile always to you and to everybody. 

I wish you the best in life, I really hope life becomes better and better to you. That your hearts shine and that you smile more and more every second of your existence. I wish that all guilt goes away and that your heart becomes clean and beautiful.  May the most Divine compassion and unconditional love illuminate your life. 

Blessings always, 

Leo Cordero
Shamanic Ayurvedic Healer
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Ayurvedic Health and Life Coach


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