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Daily, every moment we are thinking and thinking and thinking. Over and over and again and again. We are thinking about our situations, about our problems, about our problematic relationships, about work, money, etc, etc, etc. 
We demand from life a change, an immediate change, right now. This is just not fair, we say. Our problems are too huge and really where is God? We yell inside. We demand from God a change. We ask for things to change, situations to change, people to change, the present to change, jobs to change, relationships to change, our bodies to change.  

There is a passage in the Upanishads, very sacred texts from India that say that we need to develop patience in the same proportion as if a bird would wish to dry up the oceans by carrying the water with its own beak to dry land. 
When I heard this it made complete sense. Also imagine how liberating this is.  In modern society if there is something we lack is patience. We wish everything quickly and particularly what is related to the spiritual path.  
One time, when I was going to Colombia for the first time to be with the Grandfather, another Colombian Shaman that lives in Costa Rica called me by “coincidence”, right the day before I left. He said to me - the only advise I can give you is that the path takes time, it won’t happen overnight -

I have been walking the path to understand and fix life with dedication, for about 15 years and I remember starting searching for explanations, visiting many different churches and religions about 30 years ago. 

During all these time, I have dedicated myself to study plenty of different healing arts. Always in the search of my own self healing and alleviation of my inner dilemas and traumas. I was very tired of all the fear, anger, frustration, suffering and the lack of understanding on how to deal with life.  I was searching for answers, real answers. 

These questions kept arising because I had followed "the book", as I had been told, studied in college, but hated it; worked, but never found a real passion; love life was satisfactory, but needed to understand in a deeper way how it was suppose to be according to the reality of our humanity; exercise, which one was the best one after trying sports of all kinds, practices, gyms, etc; the mind, what was it about?, how to calm it?; emotions, why did I have them? 

Imagine you are with an annoying child that is constantly winning and asking questions and asking for things non stop, all the time while is awake. And besides being very annoying, the child changes the mind constantly. The parents would do their best to satisfy the child's constant changing cravings, but there is going to be a moment when they will not want to help anymore or on the other hand, they will get tired with all the mind changing and at the end they wouldn't know what desire to satisfy.  

That's sometimes how the Universe feels with humans.  The lack of focus of the energy of the thought, the intention and the action is mostly why we get lost in the sea of consciousness making life hard for us humans. 

In the Science of Yoga, there is a sutra (clause) that is called Dharana, which means to Focus.  Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, Mantras, Pratyahara, Yamas, Niyamas and all the first aspects of Ashtanga Yoga are preparing us to learn to focus.  Focus is important. Focus is essential. If we focus the energy anywhere we can produce anything. But the mind changes quickly. So learning to focus is an important ability to develop. Particularly since at any given moment the mind engages in a thought process and then we loose direction.

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