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The Sanskrit word for compassion, Karuṇā, means to do something to alleviate the pain and suffering of others. It is not pity or sympathy as we might think. Compassion is directly related to acceptance of the way others are. It is directly related also to the lack of judgement and most important to Selfless service. 
When we meet someone, we either like the person, judge the person, react to their energy or feel neutral and aloof. When the compassionate energy is stronger within us we are able to stand in the midst of someone's dark energy without reacting (judgement, thinking, arguing, etc). Just being there in present moment full awareness is already creating a transformation towards a lighter energy. 

Faith and relaxation are intimately related.  One cannot experience faith in tension. When one is physically relaxed, then the mind relaxes and is easy to experience faith. Faith is a moment in which one releases internally the mental and emotional tensions and the apparent control.  
Physically speaking, it happens by deeply relaxing the body. The deeper one goes into the body the deeper and easier it is to surrender to the flow of existence. Fear creates tension everywhere. One can move out of fear by just observing and relaxing consciously those parts that are tense in the body. The egoic mind is going to ask to maintain the tension, because at the moment you surrender into relaxation the ego dies, if you pay deep attention an inner debate happens where you wish to relax and allow, your ego claims its place and wishes to maintain it dominion but if you continue relaxing, you will be able to see your mind calming and it is right at this moment that a strong spiritual transformation is happening. 


Do not forsake your soul for the ways in which others choose to not show up for themselves. Do not postpone your destiny......Never stop becoming more….
Your path is your path, period.  Other people’s paths are their path. Walk your path and honor it strongly and deeply. 
Honor your talents, honor your desires, honor your body.  If you stop doing it because the ones around you are deciding not to do so, all you are doing is stoping your growth, and growth is happiness, better relationships, more prosperity, better health, better sexual life, in general well being. 
Honor your path and your life.  Make your dreams come true.  You at the very end are walking for yourself, but at some point, you will walk for others, but first walk for yourself and with yourself. 

Success in life can be increased, as well as joy with just developing a particular attitude or awareness, the awareness of learning. 
This means that whatever you are living is a learning experience. For this purpose, Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation can help.  This one posture is a hard one for me and keeps reminding me that learning is a constant and that I cannot give anything for granted.  
Let’s say you develop a rash on your skin, Ayurveda teaches that excess of heat is a Pitta imbalance in your body and then immediately the opportunity to learn what that means in your own body's laboratory arises and the need for you to start adjusting accordingly. 

The Buddha said: 
Do not underestimate the good actions (like in spiritual practices) by saying “I won’t receive anything from them, they won’t bring any change”. With the constant falling of a drop the container fills up, in the same way the person fills up with spiritual merit by accumulating it little by little. 
Dhammapada, IX, (122)
Humans have had this inner craving for something that would put them closer to their inner self. Religions exist due to this craving, but also spiritual practices that are not related to religions developed, such as meditation, yoga, tai chi, qigong, respiration techniques, prayer, shamanism, chanting. We do not need to be part of an organized religion to practice spirituality, but if we are and we do spiritual practices then the understanding of religion goes deeper and it makes sense. 

How deep can you Relax?

Meditation and Relaxation are of upmost importance in life!

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