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Ayurvedic Purification Retreats in Costa Rica directly working One on One with Leonardo


Ayurveda, Nutrition, Body Type, Mind and Body, Purification and Spirituality
Releasing and Letting Go...

A Liberation Healing Session is a combination of many different techniques all under the roof of Shamanism, that are specifically targeted to clear your energy and make you clearer. There is always guidance offered and a nice conversation to clear the person's direction is held.

During this sessions some of the following aspects are touched:

  • Clearing of dark energies attached to the individual
  • Clearing of relationships
  • Clearing of the mind and the belief systems
  • Clearing of the memories at the level of the DNA
  • Cleansing of patterns that are inherited from the Family
  • Constellation (parents, grandparents, great-grandparents), since we are a summary of what they were
  • Cutting of energetic cords between the individual and what is draining the individual's vital energies and much more...

Price per consultation $150, it normally takes about 1.5 hours or so. There is no specific length, once the goal is achieved then it is concluded.

This service can be provided with same results as a distance healing. In that case the Session involves a one an one conversation over the phone first, then the healing is performed.

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A Deep Cleanse Retreat is a Unique event that aims to work with the individual in all possible levels, mind, emotions, body, nutrition, purification with all the tools available.

Each individual is different and the work is different for everyone. Powerful tools are used:

  • Ayurvedic Nutrition & Juicing
  • Ayurvedic Massage
  • Ayurvedic Marma Therapy
  • Ayurvedic Shirodhara
  • Ayurvedic Medicated Steam
  • Cleansing of the internal organs
  • Shamanic Spiritual Healing
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • and much more...

Please inquire for your particular case. Leonardo offers this service in his house located in a beautiful beach of Potrero in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Please inquire about the service. Dates must be reserved and availability varies.

The Science of Life at your Service

Learn from an Ayurvedic Perspective how to cleanse your body and improve the level of consciousness of your overall health knowledge.

An Ayurvedic Consultation is the initial aspect of a Deep Cleanse Retreat, but it can also be used individually to learn and create a better life style.

You will receive a customized Ayurvedic Protocol by email that could include any of the following suggestions:

  • Personal practices
  • Diet
  • Supplements
  • Detoxification practices
  • Correct Food practices
  • Essential Oils analysis for your Body Type and incorporation of the use of them
  • Reorganization and analysis of your supplements intake
  • You can ask questions by email or Whatsapp and be guided in this way little by little to organize your life and much more...
  • A single Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation, this can be both done in person or by phone. Fee $150. Duration 1-1:30 hours.
  • Please inquire about the service through the Contact Page in the Menu.

How deep can you Relax?

Meditation and Relaxation are of upmost importance in life!

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