Group Workshops
Making it Fun and Easy to understand the Ancient!
Special workshops where the Ayurvedic, Yogic and Shamanic Wisdoms
merge to create healing, clarity of the mind and advancement in Consciousness.
Suitable for all kinds of audiences

Workshops with Leonardo are always FUN, he dives deeply into the practices and knows how to make the participants go experience profound changes in their awareness. Leonardo bases his workshops in Shamanism and Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation are the tools that he brings in to balance and to create a deeper understanding of the Self.

Transforming Consciousness

The main tool to be used is Shamanism, they are Shamanic Healing Workshops.

In order to assist in the process of healing Shamanic Pranayama is used (pranayama used by ancient cultures of America, in the tradition of the Toltecs and the Guardians of the Earth).

The session starts with invocation and some mantra chanting, depending on the participants, to open up the energies in the chakras, then pranayama session continues to bring about cleansing and move the energy outwardly and then guided meditation.

Leonardo will perform healing on each participant in the Siona Shamanic tradition from the Amazonian Colombia. Shamanism is a powerful cleansing energy that removes and transforms.

After that a Yoga Nidra session will be guided to conclude in a deep state of transformation and relaxation.

It is recommended to have 2 sessions at least. But these session can be held at night and during the weekends as well.

The workshops combine well with the Meditation workshops and the Pranayama workshops. They can be done over the weekends as a combined practice. Morning light Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation. Afternoon Shamanic Healing Workshops. In this way the participants would move more energy and would go deeper into their healing and opening of their consciousness.

The Shamanic Healing Workshops can also be celebrated in the evenings over the week days, creating sacred space for deep healing. A series of 2-5 can be held for deeper transformation.

Science of Life

Learning the basics of Ayurveda, the Science of Life. Nutrition, diet, body types, anatomy and physiology, therapies, self care, detoxification, basic maintenance and much more.

Leonardo has been teaching Ayurveda workshops for over 10 years to all sort of audiences, Yoga Teacher Trainings and Health Coaching Trainings, and the public.

Each individual is different and the work is different for everyone. Ayurveda is a Powerful Tools to learn for life. Leonardo merges his Ayurveda understanding with Shamanism and with Yoga, making it fun and high in consciousness at the same time. :

Please contact Leonardo directly to design your next Ayurveda workshop.

Meditation Coming back Home

Leonardo has been teaching Meditation for over 10 years. This is one of his main passions. He has practiced many different types with the idea of understanding from experience what they are about.

Meditation is a need in humans life. At the beginning is difficult for most humans to learn meditation, so at the beginning they need to learn awareness and focus as well as deep relaxation.

Leonardo has designed a FREE Meditation course. He likes to merge the power of prayer and invocation in the practice and teaching of Meditation. All proper techniques are always taught with invocation and prayer. But people don't know that or they are not aware of it. What if the prayer and the invocation could be held every time you meditate.

A meditation workshop can have different possibilities of days and other practices involved, depending on what is desired. Normally Yoga Studios like to create a meditation course for at least 5 days long and then weekend meditation intensives for deeper meditation and practice.

Please inquire about these workshops directly with Leonardo.

Breath of Life

Breath, thought and emotion are intertwined. Pranayama means breathing with a purpose, with consciousness and awareness.

Depending on the participants, different techniques of pranayama are shared and optimized in a way in which the participants can see the benefit and can take it home for their individual practice.

A Pranayama workshop normally lasts for 1.5 - 2 hours, because some Yoga Asanas are shared first to prepare the energetic channels and then the session is always concluded with some meditation and relaxation.

Please contact Leonardo direct to inquire about Workshops.

How deep can you Relax?

Meditation and Relaxation are of upmost importance in life!

Make sure you try the FREE Mindfulness Meditation, Relaxation and Prayer Course, it will help you in your life very much!