Mindfulness Meditation & Relaxation Course
Learn how to meditate for real. Learn a technique that you can carry with you forever and that will open you gracefully to the world of Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation, Relaxation and Prayer Course
or people that have never meditated

Sign up for FREE 11 days Online Mindfulness Meditation, Relaxation & Prayer Course. Learn a stable and proper Mindfulness Meditation and deep Relaxation Technique based on the ancient knowledge. Experience the proper understanding of how Prayer works at subtle levels based on Shamanic Healing. 

After this course you will be able to use meditation without any guidance and continue to experience and learn the use of prayer as a proper tool for growth of consciousness.

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Learn to do it yourself.  It is time to get your health back in your hands with Ancient, Effective and Proven systems that Heal Body and Mind.


---Thank you so much for the 11 day meditation course Leonardo. I love it. Being a yoga teacher, and practicing meditation, I find your voice and accent very soothing and the type of meditation you teach resonates with me. I appreciate your gift. Namaste & Love, Sonja---

---I love this meditation course, the best part is that I am able to meditate on my day to day life. I look forward to my meditation time, because it really changes my mood and calms me deeply. The prayer part has opened my eyes. Thank you very much for sharing this course with us. Henry---

---I really love your meditation course! I've been doing it on the beach every day and I really feel a difference and a connection to it. Your voice is very comforting and familiar.  I am so grateful for your meditation, thank you with all my love. Donna---

---I am participating in your meditation and prayer course. I get up an extra 30 minutes earlier in the morning to start my day and do the second one before bed. They have been a wonderful experience and I am grateful for you provided this recording series. I will continue this practice after the 11 days. Before your mediation. I was practicing a heart based mediation by Sri Chinmoy. This particular state of meditation focuses on the heart and breathing in love and peace and releasing all that no longer serves. What I have embraced from your teachings is the invocation of the masters and spirit guides and angels. Throughout my days I feel more balanced and somehow safer than I felt before. When something uncomfortable arises... I feel like I have the space to observe first before I react. And I lean more towards reacting from a place of divine understanding and compassion for both sides. So for that.. I am grateful. Thank you thank you. Bahia---

---I have completed the 11 day course! It was so helpful to me and the first time I have been able to sit for such periods of time. I had a private consultation with you and you kindly pointed out that I did not have a meditation practice. And I did little things to improve that. And then I took this course.  I also get more sleep now too, which was another thing I needed to improve. And thank you for doing the meditation and prayer course. It has made a big difference for me. Kate---