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What Are People Saying

Here are some testimonials about my meditation course, Self Healing Journey, results after ceremony,  and my detoxification and purification retreats.

As I changed my nutrition as you indicated, my muscular ailments went away. Thank you very much, Leo for all your patience, dedication and knowledge. I felt really safe and supported during the process.



Thank you the guided daily meditations. I look forward to and enjoy each time for meditations more and more as i go deeper. As I focus on key areas of the body, feeling the warm, tingling or numb sensation. I’ve experienced that sensation on other parts of the body. I feel and observe in gratitude. my inner smile ripples out to around my ears and neck. A feeling of warm, tingly vibration. Your voice; some of your words, like when you say compassion, strikes deep within me (like a tuning fork) and radiates/ripples out. As if I’m liquid. The prayers are so powerful!! Am filled with gratitude, appreciation, love, humility, valor and forgiveness… and then family and friends faces come to mind and cast out/bless them as each come to mind. Tears run down my cheek, feeling and knowing how blessed I AM. This whole body vibrates and can’t seem to move the body!! Not that I want to . Knowing that I’m enfolded in this Love, this Stillness, this Sacredness, this Reverence!!



The Self Healing Journey course is truly incredible. Throughout the years, I’ve tried to read through Ayurvedic literature by Dr. Vadant Lad, Dr. Robert E. Svoboda, and Deepak Chopra, and would continuously fall off of it. I’ve always been incredibly interested in Ayurvedic Science but found it hard to study and apply. Now doing this course, I realize that there are multiple plains that need to be in motion in order to apply it, and attempting it without guidance is very hard. I also realized that my consciousness wasn’t able to receive these deep teachings back then, which is something that this course prepares you for. Leonardo has made a wonderful platform, to truly understand and integrate this wisdom. The course perfectly builds on top of each other week by week. I’ll be honest, at first I was overwhelmed but having Leonardo there to contact as well as the group chat, helps keep you on track and understand things that would be hard to understand doing it alone. You’re adding in new life concepts that challenge the Western way and within a few weeks you’ll see that it all falls together perfectly little by little. So cool! highly recommend this course!



I’m really really enjoying this course. I am on day 7. I have been trying to find my way into a good meditation practice for nearly 2yrs and this is the first time I’m finding true stillness in a way that feels right, so thank you thank you for the blessing and your generous time and work to offer it to all of us 🙂 The combination with Prayer really deepens the connection too I love that.



I want to let you know that I have been implementing the changes I learned during my week cleansing. It was the most worthwhile experience of my life. I feel wonderful. I realize that my energies have shifted and I’ll never be the same again. I have a long way to go, but you pointed me in the right direction. I can say number one my digestion has improved 100%.



In our closing circle in your Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremony at Rythmia, someone called the experience to be “majestic” and I couldn’t agree more. I found your energy to be kingly, in the best possible way. I would love to work with you again.



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My mission is to share everything I know and have experienced in the path of Self Healing. I want to help people with the healing of their lives, and to help them enjoy life more.

I offer Purification, Detoxification and Shamanism on a group and on a one and one basis. If you wish to study with me and learn what I have to share then I recommend beginning with The Self-Healing Journey Program. This journey is the most clear distillation of all of my knowledge and experiences on healing that I have available to share with you now.

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